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Are you New Here?

Welcome to Open Door Apostolic Church! We are glad that you are here!

Some things you may want to know...

So, youve heard about the Open Door and now youre thinking about a visit.  Well, to start off right, weve taken some of the mystery out of your first time with us.  Why?  Because we know that being at a new church can be a challenge.  There are always questions about what to expect, where to go, and what to do.  However, we dont want that to hold you back because we cant wait to meet you!  So, here are some answers.

1. What do I wear?

Come and be comfortable!  It doesnt matter to us what you wear.  The most important thing is that we get to know you.

2. Where do I park?

Theres parking in the front, back and in the Animal Shelters parking lot next door.  Its an easy walk to the main entrance and someone will be waiting to greet you at the door. Plus in the rear of the building for the handicapped there is a ramp for easy accessibility.

3. Wow, nice lobby!  Now what?

By now, youve already been greeted by some of the great volunteers standing at the door waiting on your arrival and youre standing in the lobby.  The restrooms and the doors to the sanctuary are to the right. Enter the double doors into the sanctuary for an amazing service.

4. I do have kids.  Where do I take them?

That depends on your childs age.  We have a nursery so parents with babies can have a place to go with their baby and still see and hear the service via tv.  Sunday morning service we have a nursery for toddlers up through age three.  Children 4 through 17 will have their own service and then split off to different age appropriate classes.   On Wednesday nights the children ages 3-11 sit together in the sanctuary then after praise and worship the go to their own service.  Children are a blessing from the Lord and we consider them an investment in the future.

5. Okay Ive made it into the sanctuary, where do I sit?

Make yourself at home, Sit where ever you feel comfortable, introduce yourself to those sitting near you, and make some new friends.  Youll be greeted by more of the Open Door family so smile back at them, relax, and stay awhile.  

6. Now whats going to happen?

Now that youre in your seat just settle in.  The hard part is over.  Now you get to enjoy the experience, get a feel for the place, and let yourself become a part of it.  Youre in for a treat.  As you wait for the service to begin, one of two things will happen.  One, youll see a short commercial of upcoming events.  Two, youll hear someone praying for the service before the band and praise team begin.  Please join in with us as our congregation praises and worships God.
7. Whats your music like?

Our music is as diversified as our congregation is.  And dont be too surprised when while you are learning a new song, you then hear an old familiar song that morphs into some contemporary Christian music, only to be topped off by an old tune thats been your favorite for years.

8. What can I expect from the message?

When you leave, you wont just walk out with a feel good message that does little long-term good.  Youll have the tools you need to take control of your life with a sense of respect for God and yourself.  And listening with an open mind encourages a fruitful life.

9.  What do I do after the service?

Turn around and introduce yourself to the people around you.  Theyre going to want to see you again, and when you come back, youll have made a friend!   And as you go remember, we cant wait to see you again!


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Open Door Apostolic Church Charleston WV
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