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Pastor Sowards

Welcome from Our Pastor

Welcome to the Open Door Apostolic Church. We are a growing group of believers whoare excited about Jesus Christ. Our Goal is to make sure that the people of our city can come together to lift up the Name of the Lord. Traditionally, Church buildings in America were known as houses of worship, sadly so many have become nothing more than a place where people gather for fellowship and lectures. Assuredly, we can promise you that at Open Door the name of the Lord will be praised, and magnified. We praise Him in nearly every way that we can, on instruments, with our hands, in the dance and with our voices.

We live in an age with populations larger than ever before, yet we find ourselves more and more isolated. We stay home, watch television, rent movies, surf the internet, drive alone in our cars, talk on our cell phones and we are too often alone. Nevertheless, we long for the companionship of others and long to feel the unfailing love of God.

At Open Door Apostolic Church, we don't want you to be alone. Aprimary part of our mission as a church is to be a light to our community. Additionaly, our vow as Christians is to seek and serve, love our neighbor as ourselves, and respect the dignity of every human being. We believe in God's love and strive to reflect that love to others. We pray for and support everyone who comes through our doors. We welcome all who will seek God with us, walk with us and worship with us. Together, with God, we are on a remarkable journey of faith, hope and love.

Rev. Chris Sowards

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Open Door Apostolic Church Charleston WV
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